Direct Mail

Direct mail is an easy, cost-effective way to reach potential customers in your area. We often recommend analyzing the demographics of your area before implementing any direct mail campaign. Demographic research will help us understand where, how many, and what kind of mailers to create. The most effective direct mail campaign incorporates initial research and demographics.

Our Process of Success

Understanding Your Target Market –Knowing about your area and customers is key in putting together a custom direct mail campaign. We start by pulling demographic reports that show us income averages, average age, spending habits, and much more.

Target Your Ideal Customer – Once we have an understanding of your area, we can target specific areas, individuals or create campaigns of mass marketing that target general areas. A target audience will also help us in creating and designing your promotion, incentive, and design.

Mailing List – Once we have some demographic information we can also choose the best mailing list to achieve your marketing goals. There are several different categories of mailing lists available on the market today. When considering what type of mailing list to purchase we consider the following three types:

  • Specialty List - allows you to identify your target audience
  • Custom Mailing List- allows you to select the customer criteria that meets your needs
  • Cloned List - allows you to find customers similar to your best current customers

Create a Mailing – Finally we create your mailing. We use your brand and identity within the mailing and create a message that will reside with our target market. Successful direct mailer campaigns typically need to reach your target market a minimum of 3-5 times.