Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC), also called cost per click, is an internet marketing tool used to direct traffic to websites. Advertisers pay publishers to display an ad on their website. Payment is agreed upon when the ad is clicked. Pay per click may also be paid out by impressions displayed on an advertisers website. Pay per click may appear at the top of a search engine, on popular websites or within social media. Running a successful pay per click campaign takes time and experience. Allow Mint Marketing to care for your practice's PPC campaign.

Advantages of PPC

Pay per often gains more viable impressions. Unlike organic listings, PPC listing are controlled to an extent. Parameters may be set for the listings to be displayed, where the listing will be displayed, and to whom the listing will display. Displayed on the top of search engines, PPC is at the forefront of a search. These well known advertisements are more often clicked when users have interest. If SEO is not performing as well for a competitive key-word, a PPC campaign may be used to gain traction with the key-word.

The Marketing Difference

Medical Marketing Executives has a team of skilled, certified Ad-Words and Facebook PPC experts on staff to help create and maintain a strong supportive lead generating campaign.Our strategists will listen to your objectives and provide you with an aggressive campaign. Find out what platform is best for your goal. Pay per click has never been so easy!