Content Marketing

Improve SEO With Content Marketing

The content on your website is the number one most important aspect of a great search engine optimization campaign. Thanks to major updates with Google's search algorithm in recent years, significant value has been placed on the quality and originality of a website’s content. Not only is originality and quality a major factor, but becoming a continued,reliable resource for content is esteemed with high value. This process of indexing also resonates with many other major search engines including Yahoo and Bing. In short, websites that use original content and have a steady stream of fresh, new content are generally rewarded with greater SEO "brownie points". Websites that do not update content, plagiarize content, or limit content may find it difficult to rank high with various key-words. With a custom content marketing plan, you can ensure a continuous stream of fresh, new content (e.g. page updates, blog entries, news releases, etc.) is being added to your website regularly, ultimately boosting your search result rankings and online visibility.

SEO & Content Marketing

At Medical Marketing Executives we believe in content marketing so much, we provide content marketing/management within our SEO packages. An SEO campaign in not complete without some service of content marketing. If you are managing your SEO or you simply need help with managing content, we do provide content management al-la-carte.