Our marketing consultants work with you to create and implement marketing strategies. These strategies are centered on the core of your practices' services you offer. Our consultants will create a detailed marketing plan for your practice. Form marketing research and analysis, we can determine the marketing message, identify the appropriate marketing material message, and method of delivery. It is important to fully follow the plan through, and work to execute and implement the marketing strategy.

Over the course of our marketing plan for you we monitor results, and tweak elements as necessary to ensure that your practice receives the best results from our marketing efforts.

Our marketing consultants are skilled and knowledgeable in consumer behavior and the marketing process. Our expertise within the medical industry includes having the ability to identify target markets and position medical services and products effectively.

5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant

  1. Strategy
    As a practice owner it is important to focus much of your efforts at begin a great doctor. Your staff should be focusing on strengthening the practice with their respective skills and responsibilities. The little time you'll find left over in a day isn't enough to effectively plan and execute a marketing strategy. Also, hiring skilled marketers may not fit in your budget, and the skills of an office manager or front office personnel may not be adequate to effectively put together and execute a marketing plan.

    From the on-set we begin the marketing analysis. We then put in place recommendations while meeting your budget requirements. Spending time building a firm strategy before proposing a series of tactics is time-consuming and an essential part to your success.

  2. Maintaining Goals
    As a practice own there are many goals you will focus on. Your staff also maintains several goals. Balancing out a large number of goals and understanding expectations can become overwhelming. We help determine your highest payoff and your most pressing objectives based on where you want to be in a year, in three years, in five years. We also help you understand expectations. We execute marketing strategies and help accomplish your practices' goals within given time frames.

  3. Skills
    Many “do it all yourself” individuals find quickly the time required to execute a marketing strategy is enormous. They also discover it’s difficult to spot the areas that require outside help. Although a do-it-yourselfer may set-up social media or an SEO campaign, we find the error rate increases exponentially. For example; a doctor my spend exuberant amounts of time designing a Facebook banner, when the real effort should have been focused on topic postings, engagements, and optimization. In most cases these marketing campaigns are much more less effective - even ineffective.

    Sure, a do-it-your-self'er may attend to some minor marketing elements, but we help you stop doing the things that are better handled by us and allow you to focus on becoming a great doctor.

  4. Focus on Conversion (Sales)
    Too many doctors and office personnel focus on traffic, likes, and reviews. The highest priority in the office should be focused on conversions! We help you get patients to your website and prospects respond to your radio, TV, and/or direct mailer campaigns. You and your office personnel should focus on converting those leads when they call or stop by.

  5. Remain On Target
    A do it-your-self does not hold themselves accountable. This is simply being human. For a marketing campaign to truly be effective a third party needs to keep help keep you focused.

    By joining our team, we can help you stay on target. The greatest gains are achieved when your focus and our strategies begin to produce results. Together with your internal efforts the greatest gains can be achieved.